Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lost statements #1

You can go from something great, to a completly void. It's like the break of dawn you know? It can be promising, but you'll never know what will be. Sometimes we talk about passion like it's the reason for our existence. I call it lies and illusion. See, things tend to be more like a dark twisted fantasy, but it's not. That fantasy is reality. People are losing their will to go on, to rebuild themselves and the society, but prefer to live in a fake state of mind where everything makes them happy. Are they? Are this thoughts even real? Or are they just a construction of a double reality?

I can't look to myself as an exemple of this, because I've always seem to tend to become a shadow thinker, living within my own reality, my illusion, my world. It's fake but resembles a lot to today's society. No wonder I keep myself battling inner demons. But this darkness I'm into is where I feel I'm home. On the other hand, I feel amused by it, because I can't share my real thoughts with anyone else. It would torn me appart, because they, the other walking "free thinkers" wouldn't get it.

This is different. My eyes are a lot different from theirs. Should I care? No! Every living soul is, somehow, different. Why do they keep living the same pathetic lifes? Just copying each others looks, each others tastes, just trying to be what others are. No way I could follow that path. That's why I try to make others find their path, away from the shadows. You have to be insane to keep following this road.

Don't follow me, follow your dreams. I can show you the path, but it's your call to make it, to build it. I love my scars, but I wish I never had them. Guess I made the wrong turns, but always keeping myself in the right track. I've lost myself and I do that a lot. But I can always find you and show you the way, your right way. Follow it. Live it. Build it.

Stay away from this shadows. Stay away from my home.

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